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The 10 Best Beaches in Puerto Plata

The 10 Best Beaches in Puerto Plata, in this article we will highlight the beaches with the greatest attractions, we will emphasize the most paradisiacal places that Puerto Plata has, this corner of beautiful land of hospitable people and beautiful lodgings contains everything you need to vote the stress and add in your soul the happiness you need.

Within The 10 Best Beaches in Puerto Plata to enjoy are:


Dorada Beach

It is the best beach in Puerto Plata considered by all who have visited it, it has crystal clear turquoise waters and an indescribable peace, which falls in love with the senses from the moment you arrive and enjoy it.

Among its main characteristics, its crystal clear waters stand out, which house one of the most beautiful live shows in all of Puerto Plata, where you can observe coral reefs and a varied marine fauna. Do not forget its palm trees or its fine sand, where you can lie down or walk tall under the warm Dominican sun.


Cofresí Beach

Cofresí beach is one of the best beaches found in Puerto Plata, it is a very fun beach thanks to its great waves, it has great conditions for various activities, including water sports such as diving, also on this beach Ocean World Adventure Park is located on this beach where you can spend a fun day with its different attractions.

It has become a perfect place to enjoy the Dominican sun, the beach is bathed by the diaphanous waters of Cofresí Bay. Both are known by all Dominicans for harboring stories of pirates from the colonial era, such as that of the pirate Cofresí, for whom the beach received its name.


Cabarete Beach

Cabarete Beach is the longest and windiest beach in the Dominican Republic. Technically, we get around 300 windy kite days per year. This line is often considered a mix of windsurfing and kiteboarding areas. Still facing the water, the characteristic of that line is that the windsurfing zone, and therefore the left of that line is that the kitesurfing zone.

In this beautiful beach you can explore beautiful places that its surroundings have and beautiful hotels with the best service in the area, while the sun is out you will do everything you want and at night well, beautiful bars, informal businesses, spectacular restaurants and a service phenomenal, since its people are very hospitable.


Ventosa Beach

Ventosa Beach is a beautiful beach not so big located a few minutes from the center of Cabarete, it has a wonderful breeze and a dreamlike tranquility, it is clean and beautiful, as soon as you see it you want to go swimming because of its turquoise blue water and sand. soft that invite you to enjoy.

This beach is not well known by visitors, since the main visitors come from Playa Ventosa Condominiums, being a spectacular complex that gives you access to that place, it should be noted that another wonder of our island.


Encuentro Beach

Encuentro Beach is a paradise for surfers, located between Sosúa and Cabarete, and half an hour from the hotels of Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada. Described as a ‘perfect right hand break wave’, you’ll find the best surf schools right on the beach, ready to get you started in the sport. As surfing tradition dictates, the best time to enjoy the waves is early in the day.

If your passion is big waves, Encuentro Beach is the perfect place to surf them. This beautiful beach, which is just four kilometers from Cabarete, in Puerto Plata, is one of the best places in the entire Dominican Republic to practice water sports.


Kite Beach

Playa Kite

Kite Beach gets its name because it has earned its place as a world-class destination for kiteboarders from all over the planet. The reef provides 100m of cut protection for people riding a double spike. This same reef creates a nice break that is fun to drive on a directional in high water and through a nice swell.

Playa Kite is also home to approximately five kite schools. you will find all the beginners walking along the beach and entering “The Point”. This provides plenty of wiggle room for those learning and typically dragging the wind down to a point.


Perla Marina Beach

Perla Marina Beach is a super beautiful solitary beach to enjoy the sunset and the absolute tranquility located in Sosúa. You can bring your own food if you wish to have a picnic or just enjoy with your family, there are also nearby places where you can eat varied food. .

It has very beautiful low and tall palm trees, with shade that prevents you from getting sunburned, although it is super beautiful it is not very visited, its turquoise blue water is perfect to enjoy it.


Sosúa Beach

Sosúa Beach
Sosúa Beach is located approximately 24 kilometers from the city of Puerto Plata, it is one of the most beautiful and diverse beaches found in the province of Puerto Plata, in the country this beach is known by all Dominicans because it has incredible conditions standing out among them the abundant vegetation that surrounds all the coasts of the beach.

In the vicinity of this beach you can do different activities that stand out, for example, water activities, such as diving and snorkeling, if you visit this beach you can not miss the historical symbols of the Dominicans such as the three pilotillos, this was the old port of the beach and has become a tourist reference point.


Bozo Beach

Playa Bozo

Bozo Beach, This is a kind of intermediate point that is within walking distance. The break of the coast is usually large next to the cut. That’s fine, as once you get up and out on your dash, you’ll have tons of open space to roam! If you go out a couple of hundred meters you will find the reef where there are some nice waves for intermediate to advanced wave riders.

Once again, the place is shared between kitesurfers and windsurfers, in addition there are many people who come to this wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful view and its beautiful waters, ideal for taking a dip and sharing with the family.


Old Oscar Beach

El Viejo Oscar Beach, Puerto Plata, It is a great place with many attributes, white sand, crystal clear waters and a coconut area that offers you shade and it is beautiful to be able to enjoy with special people, it is not very populated and therefore offers you a tranquility that you can reach the concentration to be able to meditate.

This beautiful beach located between Maimón, Guzmancito and Luperón is known as El Viejo Óscar Beach, the ideal choice for the total enjoyment of the tranquility and beauty of the ocean, it is ideal to share with whoever you want and we assure you that you will not regret it.

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How to get to the best beaches in Puerto Plata: