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Holidays Puerto Plata

The Amber Coast, beauty and tourism!

The Amber Coast extends to the northwest, between Cofresí and Cabarete. Softened by the Atlantic winds, it offers beaches with rough waters with small coves and coral reefs. The west of Puerto Plata, a very touristy place, is quieter than the east. In the Cabarete area, the attraction of water sports has turned the coast into a tourist area: perfect for windsurfing.

The Amber Coast combines all the attractions of a sun and beach destination. The traveler can choose between an endless number of beaches of golden and white sand that extend along more than 100 kilometers of privileged coastline. Located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, between the towns of Cofresí and Cabarete, the area owes its name to the amber deposits found in the surroundings of Puerto Plata.

Puerto Plata is a vibrant town that is worth visiting and exploring, not only for its historic architecture, but also for its incredible nightlife. The port city of Puerto Plata is the largest tourist enclave in the entire region. In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus described this province as “the most beautiful land under heaven”, and 500 years later this place has continued to captivate visitors from all over the world and impress them with its purity in beauty and culture.

In addition to water sports, you can practice hiking, cycling, adventure tourism or visit the reserves and natural monuments such as the Isabel de Torres hill, the Cabarete Lagoon or Los Caños de Estero Hondo. Or delve into its history through its Victorian architecture, the colonial Fortress of San Felipe or the Jewish settlement of Sosúa around the year 1940.

Puerto Plata includes many tourist sites, such as Cabarete beach known for its water sports, all in perfect condition. Its San Felipe Fortress, dating from 1577, is one of the oldest colonial military buildings in the region. Shoppers should visit the Centro Artesanal, located at the base of the monument, where they will find Dominican crafts.

En el centro de la ciudad llama la atención la influencia del estilo victoriano del siglo pasado en la arquitectura y el diseño. Casitas blancas estilo “gingerbread” adornadas con buganvillas de distintos colores y el gazebo restaurado en el Parque Independencia evocan épocas más líricas.

Destacan las torres blancas de la iglesia de San Felipe. A pesar de ser una construcción sencilla, la iglesia tiene ese encanto provinciano típico de esta región. Cerca del parque está el Museo del Ámbar, espléndida muestra de arquitectura Victoriana, que contiene alguno de los ejemplares más raros de esta piedra semipreciosa.

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