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Holidays Puerto Plata

The Bay of Luperón, Puerto Plata!

The Bay of Luperón is an incredible refuge for nautical sailing tourism in the Caribbean located in Luperón in the province of Puerto Plata.

This wonderful bay is located to the west of the province, it is also known as “Bahía de Gracia”, when according to some accounts the same discoverer of the new world Christopher Columbus would seek refuge in his environment, to save his fleet, during storms.

It is considered, worldwide, as an important point for the nautical tourism of sailing boats in the Caribbean region.

Luperón Bay, in addition to its natural beauty, offers a natural refuge against storms and hurricanes. In the path of these phenomena the Central Mountain Range intervenes, making it very difficult for the eye of a hurricane to reach the bay.

It is a blessed place and even if a phenomenon were to move near Luperón, its characteristics guarantee safety to the boats anchored inside it, where no damage to boats has been recorded since 1930.

Apart from the diversity of beautiful boats that you can see, it has a beige beach with large rocks and a swimming area where you can elevate your experience in a positive way.

Tourists often stop before or after a visit to the nearby historical site of La Isabela, the first European settlement in the New World, it is a place full of history and beauty, without a doubt a place of dreams.

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How to get to The Bay of Luperón: