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The Cathedral of Puerto Plata!

The Cathedral of Puerto Plata or San Felipe Apóstol is one of the most iconic and beautiful places with a lot of history for those who visit and explore the city of Puerto Plata, this monumental building stands next to the Central Park and gives the area a splendor and matchless beauty.

The Cathedral of San Felipe Apostol or simply tCathedral of Puerto Plata is a temple of the Catholic Church that is located on Calle José del Carmen Ariza 36 in the city of Puerto Plata, part of the province of the same name to the north of the island La Spanish and the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic.

It should not be confused with other cathedrals of the same name in Chile, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The original wooden church was destroyed by fire in 1863 during the so-called “War of the Restoration”. Its reconstruction began in 1929 and was completed in 1956.

Being affected by an earthquake in 1946. In 2003 a new earthquake damaged the structure, which was renovated in 2008. The temple, built in a modern Victorian style, follows the Roman or Latin rite and is the mother or main church of the Diocese of Puerto Plata ( Diocese Portus Argentarii) which was created by then-Pope John Paul II in 1996 through the papal bull “Venerabilis Frater” with territory previously belonging to the Archdiocese of Santiago de los Caballeros.

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How to get to the Cathedral of Puerto Plata: