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Holidays Puerto Plata

Umbrellas Street in Puerto Plata!

Umbrellas Street is located in the Province of Puerto Plata in the north of the Dominican Republic, being one of the most beautiful visual attractions of the city.

Umbrellas Street have become an attraction on the streets of some cities around the world and Puerto Plata is no exception with this beautiful attraction.

It is located a few meters from the Plaza Independencia, you can enjoy the Choco Museum, smoke a cigarette and other recreational activities that will be created there in the future, they are parts of what you can enjoy.

A colorful, artisan, musical and culinary experience, delving into the roots and customs of Puerto Plata, since it consists of a mixture of cultures and everything we can see is the result of that.

In this beautiful place you will find a total of 178 multi colored umbrellas, falling from a base that acts as the roof on the street, creating a cozy atmosphere where people will have the opportunity to capture beautiful photographs or interesting videos with their good times.

It is quite interesting to see that picturesque sky and at the same time sharing with the people of your liking.

Many people visit this beautiful place to take photos and videos as it has beautiful walls and umbrellas of all colors.

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How to get to Umbrellas Street: