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Holidays Puerto Plata

Yasica River, an impressive river in Puerto Plata!

Yasica River is a beautiful spring that has been flowing from the mountains outside Cabarete, the Yásica River offers a world of aquatic fun.

Practice tubing, kayaking or paddle boarding, and explore its lush coasts. Excursions are offered from Cabarete all year round and it is incredible that everything you can enjoy in one place, get to know and explore this beautiful place, is to add lived experiences to your curriculum vitae.

It is a river with warm waters and a beautiful nature, it has quiet places to make family gatherings and spend quality moments.

You can swim and play with your children, something they should keep in mind is that you must be comfortable and with shoes, acts to explore, since reaching the place has some difficulties but when you reach the river, you will thank God for the beautiful things that gives you for free.

Yasica River is ideal for beautiful photos surrounded by virgin and pure nature, it is ideal to find yourself, the enjoyment of your senses is a fundamental part of good living, coming with the people you want, especially with your partner, loving and loving the nature with all its attributes.

The advantages that these places offer you is that the sound of the breeze, the singing of the birds, the screeching of the crickets are perfect complements for the relaxation of the soul and you can rest your body and mind at the same time.

The journey to get there is a true adventure, you must be willing to discover and explore the unknown and here you will see everything that you have not yet experienced, it is good to discover and be amazed at all the beauty that God offers us.

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How to get to the impressive Yasica River: