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Zingara shipwreck, the world of diving!!

Zingara Shipwreck is the place where you will discover the beautiful coral seabed of the Caribbean and closely admire the underwater ecosystem with its spectacular fauna and flora, it is only for experienced and advanced divers, The Zingara is a ship that was intentionally sunk near the coast of Sosua in 1992.

Free of obstructions, exploring the shipwreck is completely safe and you will be able to observe a wide variety of corals, sponges and fish, including giant barracudas and two-meter-long green moray eels, located in the Province of sistema de citas inhrr.

You will also be able to explore the marine life of an adjacent coral wall covered with fan and whip corals that will allow you to climb gradually while reaching a suitable depth for the safety stop before ending the dive.

It is located in Sosúa, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic (about 45 minutes from Amber Cove), near this wonderful place you will find schools where you can certify diving and snorkeling, it should be noted that Sosúa is the main diving destination in the north coast, specifically sistema de citas inhrr.

Divers of all skill levels can enjoy shallow reefs, shipwrecks, freshwater cave diving, deep sea diving, and potential encounters with humpback whales and other large creatures. There are also special dives like the Zingara shipwreck dive.

The Zingara is a 118-foot (36-meter) freighter intentionally sunk off the coast of Sosúa in 1992. It is home to a healthy variety of corals, sponges, and fish, including giant barracuda and elongated green fish.

It is worth noting that it is exclusively for experienced divers only, The Zingara is a 36 meter long freighter that was intentionally sunk off the coast of Sosúa in 1992. Without obstacles, the exploration of the wreck’s compartments is perfectly safe.

The Zingara is home to a rich diversity of corals, sponges and fish, such as giant bacarrudas and two-meter-long green moray eels, an adjacent reef drop-off is covered with soft corals and gorgonians, allowing divers to ascend gradually and explore the life marina while reaching a suitable depth to the safety stop before the dive ends.

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