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Holidays Puerto Plata

Caño Grande Beach, Puerto Plata!

Caño Grande Beach is a beautiful place for the total enjoyment of your senses, it is located in Puerto Plata and is the perfect place to vacation.

The beach has been maintained over time, the water is extremely blue, the sand is white, and the atmosphere is first-rate. Attentions are 1A no matter where you go to eat.

It is a beach right next to Playa el Chaparral, it is undoubtedly a spectacular beach, good for walking, like all those in the area full of tourists, clear waters and soft sand.

It is a spectacular paradise and it is an excellent family environment where nearby you will find places to enjoy and with very good services.

Each piece of land that you travel surrounds you with its exquisite beauty where you can from dancing to meditating if that is what you want.

All the people who have been able to meet her give us the best encouragement so that we know this beautiful paradise.

If you plan to vacation or get out of the monotony but in a beautiful place Caño Grande is, sit on the shore, play with the children and swim in its beautiful waters.

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How to get to Caño Grande Beach: