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Holidays Puerto Plata

Delfin Beach in Puerto Plata!

Delfin Beach in Puerto Plata is located in Vuelta Larga in the community of Imbert in the Province of Puerto Plata, it is a beautiful and unspoiled place, which offers you tranquility and peace, it also has few exploited attractions and little explored places.

There it was, imposing, as if watching that the sea did not pass the limits of the land. Its soul is mountain, but it is not the only attraction of the place, because the landscape itself is reason enough to visit it.

The sunset is a sight to behold, while the feet get wet with the mischievous waves, which play with tiny snails, which prefer to stay in the sand.

You will have a good stretch of beautiful land to enjoy as a family. The community members are organized to offer a destination that does not lose its natural condition, while providing the comforts for tourists. For example, they promote this unspoilt area locally.

When you come, you will have an area for bathers, another for sports and beyond for fishing. If you prefer you can play you can do it, because the young people of the town have the privilege of having fun with friends with the freedom that the environment offers them.

Important meetings in this beautiful place, it is essential for the sustenance of our senses and the beauty of all nature that this beautiful sanctuary offers us, come with all of you or alone to satisfy your needs in terms of tastes.

Playa Delfín is everything you are looking for and more, with its beautiful turquoise blue waters and soft sand to the skin, sunbathing and swimming is a treat for good tastes, Puerto Plata in a few words has everything, for all tastes and better requirements.

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How to get to Delfin Beach: