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Holidays Puerto Plata

Encuentro Beach!

Encuentro Beach is a paradise for surfers, located between Sosúa and Cabarete, and half an hour from the hotels in Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada. Described as a “perfect right-hand breaking wave”, you will find the best surf schools right on the beach, ready to get you started in this sport. As the surfing tradition dictates, the best time to enjoy the waves is first thing in the day.

If big waves are your passion, Encuentro Beach is the perfect place to surf them. This beautiful beach, which is only four kilometers from Cabarete, in Puerto Plata, is one of the best places in the entire Dominican Republic to practice water sports.

Its white sands, its blue waters and its bottoms full of coral reefs also make it a dream beach. In it you can enjoy a great surfing environment. Although it is not only a beach for surfers, it is also an ideal place for windsurfing and kitesurfing, or other types of water sports.

The white sands, blue waters and unique coral reefs are perfect to take an afternoon to tan in peace while others do water sports or to take advantage of diving if you have experience in this activity and meet face to face the beautiful and unique specimens that it has this area of ​​the Dominican Republic. Of course, watch out for sea urchins!

If your idea is to enjoy a quiet bath in the sea, however, it may be somewhat difficult, since the large number of rocks and the usually strong tide can make this activity dangerous many times.

If you want to enjoy a full day at Beach Encuentro, remember to prepare some sandwiches, since, although there are some local businesses, these are not abundant and there is no where to rent chairs or umbrellas. If you are going with children, remember to bring them entertaining toys so that they can set up their games in the sand, since the water is not the friendliest with the little ones in the area.

To get to Playa Encuentro from Cabarete, you have to take highway 5 heading northwest and in just 5.3 kilometers, that is less than 10 minutes, you will find yourself on the right with the entrance to Coconut Palms or Hideaway Beach. Then, you simply have to go straight 800 meters in the direction of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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