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Holidays Puerto Plata

Statue of Neptune in Puerto Plata!

Statue of Neptune is located near the boardwalk of Puerto Plata, you can have an excellent view of the Statue from the shore of the beach.

In this Area you will find countless commercial premises that will make your trip a better experience and a relaxing and fun environment to have a good time.

To get there is by boat or swimming if you prefer, for the enjoyment of your senses and to experience new experiences.

Neptune is a god of Roman mythology, son of the gods Saturn and Ops, brother of Jupiter and Pluto. Rule all the waters and seas and ride the waves on white horses.

All the inhabitants of the waters must obey him and he is known as Poseidon in Greek mythology.

Neptune chose the sea as his home and in its depths there is a kingdom of golden castles and one important thing is that Puerto Plata has this beautiful attraction.

It is nice to come and capture your visit to this place and do it in front of the statue even if it is a little removed but the photos and videos are great.

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How to get to Statue of Neptune: