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Holidays Puerto Plata

Perla Marina Beach, Puerto Plata!

Perla Marina Beach is a super beautiful lonely beach to enjoy the sunset and the absolute tranquility located in Sosua.

It has very beautiful low and high palm trees, with shade that prevents you from burning with the sun, although it is super beautiful it is not very visited, its turquoise blue water is perfect to enjoy it.

You can bring your own food if you wish to have a picnic or just enjoy with the family, there are also nearby places where you can eat a variety of food.

Visitors who have been recommend that they go and take advantage of and buy their food nearby as it is very good.

You have the facility to buy souvenirs from our island, to dance if you wish with tourists or with your partner, it really is an extremely interesting place in the north.

We recommend to everyone who wants to meet and embark on an incredible and unforgettable adventure in this hidden paradise.

Knowing and exploring are one of the most interesting things that our existence on earth has and the Dominican Republic has everything to amaze you and make your stay unforgettable.

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How to get to Perla Marina Beach: