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Holidays Puerto Plata

Buggies in Puerto Plata, Adrenaline and Adventure!

Buggies in Puerto Plata, live a unique experience!

At the Buggies in Puerto Plata we will pass through large expanses of coffee plantations, sugar cane, bananas and other fruits. Admiring the landscape and at the same time experiencing the maximum adrenaline that that experience of riding buggies alone gives you, or in good company in Puerto Plata, combining speed, adrenaline and if you want to be in good company you will have an excellent time.

Buggy through Rancho Los Cacaos

Start the most exciting adventure, through rustic and beautiful unpaved trails, through a natural landscape, where the flora and fauna of the area offers its colorful spectacle to the delight of all visitors, in addition to experiencing first-hand the kindness and simplicity of our country people throughout Ranchos Los Cacaos. You will enjoy tours guided by experts in the area, which will give you the level of confidence and security you need to make your experience worry-free.

A Buggy Tour from Sosua

Experience the rugged scenery of this beautiful place in the Dominican Republic on this Buggy Tour from Sosua. After receiving full instructions and a safety briefing, get behind the wheel of an off-road buggy and set off through sugar cane fields and bumpy dirt roads, ending at a picturesque beach. A guide will accompany you to lead the way and provide information about the local culture and ecosystem, don’t miss out on this unique experience with unique and unforgettable experiences.


Buggy ride to the Damajagua waterfalls

Experience an incredible adventure, first stop at the Damajagua waterfalls before seeing the countryside from a fun safari buggy ride, you will not regret this beautiful experience with an ecstasy of mixed emotions, you will never regret it and you can live the experience being able to see 27 pools with crystal clear waters, jumping one by one with all the protection and the care protocol of each one of the personnel in these times of pandemic.

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