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Holidays Puerto Plata

Guzmancito beach, a hidden paradise!

All the beauty of Guzmancito beach that few know

Guzmancito Beach, is a hidden paradise near Maimón Puerto Plata, this place is characterized by being an extremely quiet place with crystal clear waters, it is also an escape from the conventional, Guzmancito Beach is at an altitude of 23 meters above sea level .

Good beach to spend time with family, partner or friends, it is not very populated for those who like solitary beaches, there is a part that is rocky and you have to walk with shoes or with care due to the presence of hedgehogs, another part has very good waves without the presence of rocks. Excellent beach to get out of the city and enjoy the tranquility.

This beach, much visited by local bathers after restrictions on some beaches, has become a meeting point for groceries. Seeing a hidden paradise is surprising and more so with waters so clean and beautiful, it is one of the places that not everyone knows, but when you visit you want to come back again.

A contrast of colors, where combining the sea, the beautiful trees and the beautiful blue sky is something visually spectacular and the experience you get is magnificent.

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