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Holidays Puerto Plata


General Gregorio Luperón House Museum


This museum was inaugurated in 2012 and made on one of the most beautiful restored Victorian houses in Puerto Plata, it is dedicated to the general and provisional president Gregorio Luperón, who was a native of this city. Gregorio Luperón is considered a national hero in the Dominican Republic, since he was one of the military leaders who fought to restore the island’s independence in 1865 and the Museums and Historic Houses in Puerto Plata will be an unforgettable experience. Museums and Historical Houses are super important for the tourist in Puerto Plata.

The center has a collection of period items, from photographs, furniture, costumes and people who tell you the beautiful story of why Luperón is a Hero for our country.

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Amber Museum is The Museums and Historic Houses


The Amber Museum was founded in 1982, exhibits both the history and the samples of the most precious plant fossil on the planet, both from a scientific and aesthetic point of view, the beautiful amber.

This is the first museum dedicated entirely to amber in the Dominican Republic, and it has one of the best collections of this non-metallic mineral in the world, for this reason it has become one of the most solid and popular tourist attractions of the Puerto destination. Silver, since its fame was consolidated not only among international tourist guides but also among scientists studying the subject, such as entomologists, paleontologists, botanists and geologists, among others.

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Jewish Museum


This museum tells us about the history of the community of Jews who settled in Puerto Plata fleeing Nazi Germany. Specifically, this new group settled in the Sosúa area and worked as ranchers and farmers. The museum has black and white photographs that tell its entire story and also Museums and Historical Houses are beautiful places.

An enriching experience to expand our knowledge and learn about other cultures within this beautiful Dominican culture, Museums and Historic Houses are a vital part of Dominican History.

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Casa de La Cultura within Museums and Historic Houses


Made entirely of wood at the beginning of 1900, where at the time of the dictatorship of Ulises Heureaux “Lilís”, former president of the Dominican Republic, young people from Puerto Plata met in front of the Central Park, between today’s Separación and Duarte streets, to discuss politics and science, despite existing repressive measures. From that gathering, the Fe en el Porvenir society emerged on May 12, 1889 and Museums and Historic Houses in DR.

In the course of its history, this institution has managed to develop in Puerto Plata, a spirit of sociability and cultural diffusion through evening presentations and literary gatherings. Cultural activities range from artistic exhibitions, meetings of intellectuals and the circulation of literary works and Museums and Historic Houses are a vital part of our history.

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Casa Brugal within the Museums and Historic Houses


Casa Brugal is a global producer of premium rums that is a leader in its country of origin, which is the Dominican Republic with a portfolio of iconic brands, including Ron Brugal, The Macallan, Moët & Chandon, Hennessy and Valduero.

Currently, Brugal is the most international brand in the Dominican Republic, with a presence in more than 50 markets and in the main capitals of the world. With all its history and great attributes, it shows us the beauty of a perfect legacy and also with ease of being able to taste the different liquors and the best rum in the world are inside the Museums and Historic Houses of Puerto Plata. Museums and Historical Houses are very important in Dominican Republic.

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