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El Choco National Park

The famous caves of El Choco National Park are located in the foothills of the Northern Cordillera, among 77 km2 of grasslands, lagoon, jungle, fresh water springs and rolling hills. The impressive caves, which are privately managed, are located within walking distance of the city and can be visited during a tour of 1½ hours.

Wear a swimsuit – the crystal-clear stalactite caves 25 m below the surface offer two opportunities to swim in small clear pools, provided the guide can still see you with his flashlight.

More things you need to know about El Choco

El Choco National Park also offers other activities, such as a boat ride on the lagoon ($20 per person), a one-hour guided tour ($40 per person), horseback riding ($40 per person) and bird watching walks ($40).

El Choco offers a world of nature for hiking, mountain biking, swimming in freshwater lagoons, and exploring caves. With an area of ​​78 square kilometers, the park has a lot of trails that will take you through thick tropical forests full of cocoa and coffee trees, medicinal plants, and into caves, in dry parts and parts filled with water, which they date back millions of years.

The Cuevas del Choco are an interesting complex of caverns that constitute a magnificent natural formation. With a great landscape and geological value. They are also one of the largest reserves of natural water of the Dominican Republic, being one of the biggest tourist attractions of its coastal plain.

Along the way, you will see more than 30 species of birds, lizards, and bats. At the park entrance you will find bilingual guides, if you go on your own, or you can also hire an organized walking or cycling tour from the city.

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