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Holidays Puerto Plata

Boca de Yasica Beach, Puerto Plata!

Boca de Yasica Beach is a beautiful place that is located in Puerto Plata and is one of the most impressive attractions in the area.

Beautiful beach for water sports especially due to its strong winds and waves. Be careful to take baths on this beach, it is not suitable for children.

It is ideal for snorkeling and whatever you want for its strong waves, it is lovely to let yourself be massaged by its rich water.

Knowing great places should be the purpose of all people who need to breathe other airs and need to change the monotonous environment in which we find ourselves involved.

This place is characterized by its big waves when the hours rise and the cleanliness of its shore that the truth is very beautiful, if you go with your young children you must be careful.

The sand area is so wide that you can play baseball with your friends, since it is quite wide, literally the place invites to practice all kinds of sports.

Experiencing new experiences should be one of the main objectives of the human being who wants to get out of the monotony, come and do it.

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How to get to Boca de Yasica Beach: