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The largest marine statue in the Caribbean in Sosúa

The largest marine statue in the Caribbean submerged in the heart of Sosúa Bay, a sculpture of Atabey, the Arawak and Taino deity, seeks to be a benchmark of historical, cultural, tourist and environmental contribution.

Indeed, defined as one of the largest underwater sculptures in the Caribbean, at 16 feet, this construction in steel and specialized cement, ph neutral, was submerged. This structure seeks not only to be attractive for tourists who love diving, but also contribute to the recovery of corals.

The Initiative is a collaboration between the Maguá Ecological Foundation and Global Coralition, which seeks to impact the bay in multiple ways, by contributing to ecological restoration, especially the restoration of coral reefs, awakening tourist interest and contributing art and culture.

The marine sculpture of Atabey, the Mother of Water of the native culture, Arawak/Taino of the Dominican Republic, is the starting point, after which, it is proposed to jointly carry out an artistic project within the coral restoration area managed by the Magua Ecological Foundation and the Ministry of the Environment.

The Atabey deployment will bring together local stakeholders and develop long-term partnerships to restore the biodiversity of the coral reef ecosystem.

The sculpture of Atabey Taino Goddess of Fertility, Mother of All Waters, continues its completion process and this November 3 will be transferred and placed on the seabed, to be part of the recovery of the Corals in Sosua Beach.

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