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Holidays Puerto Plata

Brisas del Atlántico viewpoint, Puerto Plata!

Brisas del Atlántico viewpoint is a spectacular place, located in Puerto Plata on the Punta Rucia Highway, this beautiful place has the infinite swing, the Atlantic ring, the Door to Paradise and an unforgettable and incredible view from the Panoramic Balcony.

This beautiful place is the ideal place to get out of the monotony and explore unique experiences with everything that this unusual viewpoint of the northern part has to offer.

In each of the places that I capture in a photograph it is something incredible and dreamy, this paradise is unique experiences that you must live and more than that it is in front of the ocean with its perfect blue.

It is located five (05) minutes from La Ensenada beach and ten (10) minutes from Punta Rucia and from its height you can contemplate the sea, the perfect blue sky and the entire landscape of the area.

Among the things you can find is the peace and tranquility that few places offer and this is the perfect place to disconnect from the monotony and do something out of the ordinary full of happiness.

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How to get to the Brisas del Atlántico viewpoint: