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Holidays Puerto Plata

Camacho Beach (Acapulco)

Camacho Beach or Acapulco is located in Puerto Plata, it is very quiet, ideal to disconnect from everything, it is phenomenal for fishermen and snail hunters, the dunes are enjoyed more in the morning, in the afternoon the wind appears and it is enjoyed to the fullest the things that nature gives us.

Beach with good sand dunes, lots of sun and little violent sea. Quiet city and the beach has little tourist exploitation so it is ideal for an escape to tranquility and a very nice place, special to relax and unwind from routine. Few people and many places to visit. The food is very good, recommended to go with the family.

Account of the beauty of its surroundings and tourists from all over the world and the beauty of what nature offers, its beautiful waters and blue sky is something wonderful for our eyes, for those who like to take photos and frame beautiful memories, here you can do it.

Camacho Beach (Acapulco) is charming for absolute tranquility and excess enjoyment, it is super beautiful and without a doubt the perfect place to spend incredible moments in a beautiful place and with the company you want.

Puerto Plata has a number of beautiful beaches, but Camacho Beach is one of the beautiful and quiet of the Atlantic Bride, to this world we came to enjoy it and not to complicate it, that way we have to know where and with whom to do it, this is the best place for that.

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