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Holidays Puerto Plata

Cayo Arena, a quiet paradise!

Cayo Arena, also known as Cayo Paraíso, is located northwest of Puerto Plata. This sandbar is located in the middle of the brilliant blue ocean, with fine white sand and shallow waters full of tropical fish, ideal for snorkelers of any level, or you can also choose to dive 25 minutes by boat from the point of departure in Punta Rucia.

Most tour operators offer the round trip from Puerto Plata, including the boats that will take you to the key with snorkeling equipment included.

This small island is submerged in such a beautiful landscape that people think they are in a dream, since it is a wonderful, beautiful paradise.

Just imagining yourself sunbathing on a small island lost in the sea surrounded by white sands and its waters so crystal clear that you can see the bottom with incredible clarity, its colors that range from turquoise blue to emerald green, well, literally that is precisely this small island called Cayo Arena.

This sandy bank, which is frequently visited by hundreds of tourists, is a jewel of nature, a true Caribbean paradise. It is difficult to tell you the size of this key because it shrinks and expands depending on the seasons of the ocean currents. Cayo Arena is located in one of the driest areas of the Dominican Republic.

This unforgettable promenade aboard boats where you will finally arrive at Cayo Arena and will be fascinated by the beauty of this little piece of sand nestled in these coasts of the North of the Dominican Republic, there you will have free time to snorkel and observe many species of little fish of all the colors, take photos, take a refreshing swim in its crystal clear waters, talk with the fishermen who come to the island or rest lying on its fine sands.

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How to get to Cayo Arena: