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Holidays Puerto Plata

Laguna Beach, Puerto Plata!

Laguna Beach is an ideal beach for walking, exercising and breathing the pure air without pollution that this beautiful place located in Puerto Plata offers you.

It does not have shops, but yes, a lot of silence and tranquility for those who want to vote against stress and get out of the monotony of daily life.

Its waves at late hours are strong, ideal for spectacular photos combined with its beauty, diversity of colors and it is without the cleanest and quietest beach in the Province.

Great beach to walk quietly and find the smallest shells you have ever seen, also the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen.

The magnificent place is illuminated at night, which is unique and pleasant, although it is not the best beach for diving if you are an expert you can do it without problems.

In the daytime access is mainly private but very well cared for, the truth is that coming to this spectacular beach only brings us joy and gives us a unique experience.

This can be the ideal paradise to take the most beautiful photos you can have for the peace it gives you and how beautiful and clean it is, everyone who has not come should do so.

It is also ideal to come as a family or with your children but with due precaution, it has trees where you can hide from the sun and have a nap.

If you have not come, you must do so so that you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience with the people you love and alone if you wish.

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How to get to Laguna Beach: