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Holidays Puerto Plata

Las Ojaldras Beach, Puerto Plata!

Las Ojaldras Beach is definitely one of the best beaches in Puerto Plata located between Luperón and Cofresí specifically in the community of Guzmancito.

It should be noted that this beautiful beach is a hidden paradise with great attributes and the tranquility that it offers you with all its attractions.

Las Ojaldras Beach has the tranquility, beauty and peace that the unspoiled nature of this beautiful place permeates you where you can come to meet nature or enjoy with your loved ones if you wish.

It should be noted that in its surroundings what you will find are rocks and trees that make a very beautiful contrast of colors and purity, it is advisable to bring your food and what you are going to drink, since there is no business nearby and although it is not very positive it is better because you will know what you eat because you know where it comes from.

It is the ideal place to meet yourself, meditate and walk on the shore of the beach, it is recommended for all types of public including children since its shores are not deep.

But if your desire is to swim, you can also do it since it is also recommended for adults who want to enjoy its deep waters, about 20 meters from the shore, it is highly recommended to come and live this beautiful experience.

You can travel in the ocean in boats and enjoy the beauty that this beautiful place offers us, and all the beauty of the sea and its attributes.

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How to get to Las Ojaldras Beach: