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Holidays Puerto Plata

Luperón Beach!

Luperón Beach is ideal for the total enjoyment of your senses and the best place to vacation and spend unforgettable moments.

It is a beige beach, with large rocks, and an area where you can swim. Tourists often visit it before or after going to the historic site La Isabela, the first European settlement in the New World, which is very close to the beach.

Luperón beach is known by all Dominicans for having incredible natural conditions, among which its snowy sand or the tropical vegetation that surrounds the beach stand out. But, without a doubt, its main attraction is its waters, which come from Luperón Bay. This bay is famous for hosting an endless number of marine species and rich vegetation, such as its algae or corals, thus becoming the delight of any experienced diver.

Near the surroundings of the beach is La Isabela beach; This is well known to all Dominicans, as it houses the first European settlement on the continent, thus becoming a symbol for Dominican history. In addition, within Luperón bay you can find Cambiaso beach, which is known for its incredible natural views.

Among the different activities that can be done on the beach are surfing, diving and windsurfing, among many others. In addition, around the beach you can find a multitude of establishments where you can taste refreshing and delicious Dominican cocktails.

In addition to its beautiful waters, Playa Luperón offers you that tranquility that you hope to have when you want to enjoy the best of life, each experience lived is wonderful moments that we deserve to have, come and enjoy everything that Puerto Plata has.

This beautiful beach has many attractions for the total enjoyment of our senses and to give good things to our body.

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How to get to Playa Luperón: