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Holidays Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata and its hidden paradises!

Puerto Plata and its hidden paradises, The Province of Puerto Plata, also called the Bride of the Atlantic, has so many beautiful things that it is unthinkable to find all the attributes in one place, each experience lived and each place you explore is an essential part of the sense of good. lifetime.

Its beaches have something that few other places have, wherever you go it is incredible how you will find interesting attractions for the total enjoyment of our senses.

This beautiful province has the best beaches and the most beautiful rivers, where the people are very hospitable and well treated, their attentions are spectacular and the number of places to enjoy is incredible.

If you want to clear your mind this is the right place, but if what you want is to enjoy to the fullest this is also the ideal place, don’t wait any longer to live life to the fullest with or without resources.

Historic places, museums, beautiful beaches, spectacular rivers, luxury hotels, splendid villas, land, sea and air sports and much more in one place in the Dominican Republic that is La Novia del Atlántico.

The best places to rest your body, mind and spirit is an essential part of the subsistence of the good life with exceptional places with phenomenal views of both beautiful mountains and the turquoise blue of its crystal clear waters.

We invite you to come and enjoy the good life with the people you love and if what you want is to enjoy solitude you can also do it because of the diversity of attractions that this beautiful province has.

Hundreds of beautiful things to see and thousands of things to do, we must be grateful to God for all those blessings that he gives us for free.

To see more than hundreds of beaches and rivers in the Province of Puerto Plata, click here!

How to get to Puerto Plata: