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Holidays Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, The Bride of the Atlantic!

Puerto Plata La Novia del Atlántico is truly the most beautiful place in the Dominican Republic and has everything you want in terms of enjoyment.

It is the most important city on the north coast in the Dominican Republic, about 180 km from the capital, offers super beautiful beaches and paradisiacal green paradises that are complemented by attractive routes to other places.

This beautiful place name came from “It seems silver,” thought Christopher Columbus, when he passed near a beautiful bay that, located at the foot of a mountain, allowed him to see the impressive landscape of the place. He then named that landscape as Puerto Plata and since then one of the paradisiacal sites of the insular Caribbean has been identified.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata is the vital center of the province, and it is one of the largest ports in the country and one of its international airports: the Gregorio Luperón. Tourism, of course, is one of its economic powers, especially since thousands of tourists arrive every year at its main beach, Long Beach, in addition to enjoying Playa Dorada and Playa Cofresí.

The city of San Felipe de Puerto Plata is also an urban attraction with its avenues, such as the main Beller avenues and General Luperón avenue, which is the boardwalk located to the north of the city. In the center, the unique Victorian-style buildings that the English built from the middle of the 19th century, its winding and narrow streets and its maritime atmosphere attract attention.

Sosúa has a special charm, famous for the beach of the same name, where there is a coral reef, tropical fish and plants of various colors. The beach separates the neighborhoods of El Batey, where most hotels and shops are located, and Los Charamicos, famous for its intense nightlife.

The north coast has a number of attractions for total enjoyment, the most beautiful beaches, ecological tourism, extreme mountain and water sports, the truth is that Puerto Plata has it all.

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