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Holidays Puerto Plata

Taíno Bay Tourist Port, beauty and attractiveness!

The Taíno Bay Tourist Port is located in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This is the main port on the north coast and is currently used for cargo operations and various military movements.

Likewise, in support of this tourist hub, it announced that next year the Ministry of Tourism, in a public-private alliance, will be allocating some 150 million pesos for the historic area of ​​Puerto Plata, they have tour sales services for the tourist points of the city, recreational areas and restaurants, shops and all kinds of services.

This important port has a commercial plaza with stores for retail, as well as offering experiences through restaurants and bars; positioning Puerto Plata as one of the main destinations in the Caribbean, thanks to the presence of the most important cruise lines in the world.

Likewise, service areas in each zone and warehouses, as well as zones for the adequate treatment of waste, reported that with Taíno Bay, the first quarter of 2022 will have record figures in the arrival of cruise ships in the country and that in This last quarter has recovered nautical tourism, which exhibits numbers higher than the year 2019.

The new Taino Bay pier has three docking positions and a passenger reception center with a capacity to accommodate around 14,000 cruise passengers simultaneously. This terminal will generate some 1,500 direct jobs and 3,500 indirect jobs.

Through the doors of this port terminal, it is projected to receive more than 750,000 cruise passengers by 2022, which will represent an average income of US$75 million, based on the average cost calculation of a cruise passenger, which is estimated in the US $100 dollars per passenger.

The Taino Bay Tourist Port is a multipurpose project, managed by ITM GROUP and supervised by the Port Authority, which will allow the docking of cruise ships, container ships and product cargo ships and will create more than 1,500 direct jobs and more than 3,000 indirect jobs for the entire northern area of ​​the Caribbean country.

The Taino Bay port represents the true takeoff of the economy of this city, with the mobilization of tourists in the streets, enjoying a charming historic town such as Puerto Plata.

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