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The Hill of the Rooster, a place full of adventure!

The Hill of the Rooster is a super interesting creation of nature surrounded by natural greenery with lodging not far from that mountain, called El Gallo Ecolodge in honor of the mountain that you can see from that beautiful ecological place, located in the community of Cupey, belonging to

The Hill of the Rooster or the beak of the rooster is a mountainous formation approximately 500 meters high that offers beautiful natural specimens, impressive views and a trail where you can go hiking and extreme tourism activities.

It is part of “The Route of the Rooster”, a unique community proposal in Puerto Plata (North Cibao) that connects the beauty of wild flowers with the enigmatic caves and underground rivers. This route includes more than twenty proposals consolidated into 3 routes, 6 natural resources and 14 cultural ones.

The rooster community, a place that receives its name thanks to the gallistic culture of its inhabitants, is located in El Cupey, Puerto Plata and, for more than a decade, has visualized through its natural and cultural resources a potential for development through sustainable community tourism.

El Gallo Ecolodge is an ecological project that combines the best of the natural landscape of with an impeccable country lodging experience. It is located in El Cupey, part of the El Gallo Ecological Route; an ecological route that offers a connection with nature to all its visitors, an escape from the usual. Within the 22 offers that the route has, you will find trails, camping areas, horseback riding, bicycle rides, local products and accommodation.

The model route has a natural and cultural theme that offers the visitor a unique community experience through more than twenty resources with potential tourist attraction, where you can enjoy the imposing nature, reflected in the Loma Isabel de Torres and the Pico del Gallo ; the beauty of orchids and wild gingers; the enigmatic of caves and underground rivers.

It should be noted that the Dominican Republic has many interesting mountains for hiking lovers and The rooster is one of them, it is important to give importance to this wonderful natural formation located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, despite the redundancy.

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