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Victorian style in Puerto Plata

The Victorian Style in the city of Puerto Plata is predominant in its beautiful monuments and houses in this old Victorian style developed as a result of the English, German, Italian and French immigration, which began after the Restoration War until the end of the 19th century.

These Victorian monuments feature wide wraparound porches, decorative railings, and turned posts. Ornate cutout work around the porches included gingerbread cutouts and spindle work. The use of zinc panels for the roof on the outside and the tongue-and-groove wooden ceiling on the inside.

The combination of this method and high ceilings results in lower interior temperatures to relieve heat from the West Indian climate. Gables at the end of roofs, exterior window sills and lintels, protruding edges below windows.

In 1970 a new law was proclaimed to preserve all historic buildings in Puerto Plata, this law promotes that all historic buildings must be maintained and renovated in their original facade.

In the last 10 years, a group of private companies and renowned families began to renovate them (a work still in progress). The objective is to renew them all as an alternative historical tourist offer for the city.

Puerto Plata has the most diversified attractions in the Dominican Republic, different cultures from different parts of the world and a combination of joy, colors and humility.

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