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Holidays Puerto Plata

Punta Goleta Beach, A beautiful place!

Playa Punta Goleta

Punta Goleta Beach, A beautiful place, an extension of the halfway point after Bozo Beach, Punta Goleta has become a nice little place for skimboarding. There aren’t many people on the beach or wading in the water, so you can get discouraged without worrying about anyone getting in your way.

Has golden sand beaches, abundant vegetation and a constant gentle breeze throughout the year, which makes it a perfect beach for practicing water sports.

This property located in the center of Cabarete with a tropical climate that allows you to enjoy the best scenery in the Caribbean.

It’s not the most desirable place for a kiteboarding beginner because if you make a mistake and can’t relaunch your kite, you could end up on the reef or at the tip of Kite Beach.

If you’re really good at kiteboarding, you’ll find that this is the least populated area of Cabarete’s beaches, which makes it attractive for kiteboarding, but you should proceed with caution and take note of the obstacles.

Cabare is an internationally recognized “Spot” for sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, not in vain every year important competitions are held in this part of the island on the PKRA Kitesurf and de PWA windsurf circuits. If what you want is crystal clear waters, waves and wind, come to Punta Goleta Cabarete and spend the best vacations.

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