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Holidays Puerto Plata

The best rivers in Puerto Plata!

The best rivers in Puerto Plata, One of the richest provinces in the Dominican Republic in terms of natural resources is La Novia del Atlántico, Puerto Plata. This place, for years, has been one of the main tourist destinations on the island since it is located on the north coast of the country’s Atlantic and has impressive beaches and rivers.

Sonador River, Puerto Plata

It is located in the municipality of Yásica, province of Puerto Plata, is this mighty and beautiful of the best rivers with crystal clear waters, very refreshing: “A perfect place to come with the whole family, you live a beautiful experience of a perfect flow for total enjoyment.

In addition, you experience the view that this combination of colors and purity offers you, the river consists of three parts: El Palo, Cortina 1 and Cortina 2; If you continue higher, you will be able to get close to where it is born, but you must be very careful since some of its parts are deep.

Charco Los Militares, Puerto Plata

Another of the hidden wonders that Puerto Plata has is undoubtedly the Charco de los Militares. It is a very pleasant route, you do not need to have a great physical condition to enjoy it since the route to the river is mostly flat with some ascents. Upon arrival you will find three waterfalls, some deeper than the other and to reach them you will have to walk about an hour on a mountainous path; When you arrive you will have to climb some rocks until you cross to the other side, where the beautiful Charco de los Militares awaits you to take a rich bath in its turquoise waters.

The name of Charcos de Los Militares is given by an urban legend told by the residents of this town: they say that at the time of the Trujillo dictatorship a group of soldiers deserted, leaving their uniforms lying in the crystalline waters of these puddles, that’s where its name is believed to come from.

La Rejoya, Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is full of treasures waiting to be discovered, and the beautiful waterfalls that protect the Camú River, in the Juan de Nina community in Puerto Plata, are an example of this. For explorers and adventurers this is one of the many beauties that you can find while exploring this place.


A route that is quite enjoyed if you are a lover of hiking because of the intensity that is experienced while you travel each section, since reaching them is a whole journey, but once you do it and you can swim in its crystal clear turquoise waters, you feel that it is worth it. It’s worth it, arriving here is a wonderful and refreshing experience, an incredible experience with all the care that the guides offer you.

The 27 Pools of Damajagua, Puerto Plata

It is one of the main attractions of the city; Here you can hike through hills full of thick forest and jump in the puddles and the best rivers and wells of the Río Camú.

Saltos de damajagua

The tour takes approximately two and a half hours and at the beginning of the experience you will enjoy natural slides, caves and crystal clear waters that descend from the mountain to spend a day of adventure and a lot of fun. The tour is done in the company of community guides and the use of life jackets and helmets is mandatory for the protection of yourselves.

Martinico River, Puerto Plata

This place is called Río Martinico, located in Madre Vieja, Sosúa, Puerto Plata. It is very visited by those who live in Madre Vieja and little known by the rest of the country. It should be noted that if you visit this community, you will have access to the Yásica River spas. This river is easily accessible, it is right on the road.

Knowing this beautiful place will fill you with joy and satisfaction, adventures, unforgettable experiences and a spectacular stay are many of the things you can find here.

Magic mushroom

The Magic Mushroom is one of the best and most unique rivers in Puerto Plata and the entire island. It is a waterfall whose rocks have been eroded into a peculiar mushroom shape, creating a beautiful spectacle of water.

This excursion is only suitable for people with good physical shape and adventure lovers, since to access this place you have to do a canyoning descent with several simple waterfalls and also rappel.

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