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Holidays Puerto Plata

Alicia Beach

Playa Alicia

Alicia Beach is a beach located near the center of the municipality of Sosua and this is one of the most recent in the Dominican Republic because it was formed in 2003, thanks to a displacement of the sand, others call it “Miracle Beach” because it appeared from nowhere in the year before mentioned, near this beach you will find some restaurants and cafes, no sport is practiced.

If you’re looking for a place to swim quietly this is the ideal place, but we recommend you go as soon as possible because according to the aerial views is already disappearing.

As if having some of the most attractive beaches on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic weren’t enough, this Sosúa resort community has been rewarded with a new gift from nature.

It is a new beach, formed by the sea to the astonishment of residents and tourists on the same coastline that bathes the picturesque neighborhood known as “El Batey”, founded in 1938 by 500 Jewish emigrants persecuted for anti-Semitic intolerance, who they were welcomed by the Dominican Government of the time.

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Location Alicia Beach