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House of Art of Sosúa, Important Cultural Center!

House of Art of Sosúa is the most recent cultural center on the north coast, it is also a museum and an educational center for handicrafts. Located in the heart of the beach town of Sosúa, every month rotating art exhibitions are held, as well as conferences and other events, it was inaugurated in 2013.

House of Art of Sosúa also subsidizes a fantastic art school for disadvantaged children and adolescents in the area, offering classes in jewelry, painting, ballet, among others. Feel free to stop by on your way to or from the beach, and browse the current exhibit.

Place of cultural interest, which has the following spaces: museum, exhibition hall and modules to teach music, dance and painting classes, La Casa de Arte is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. :00 in the afternoon and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until five in the afternoon.

Located in the heart of Sosúa, rotating art and sculpture exhibitions, conferences and other events are organized every month, it also subsidizes a fantastic art school for underprivileged children and teenagers in the area, offering jewelry, painting and ballet classes, among others.

The physical structure of the institution is framed in a building, made up of two levels; the first is used for the Exhibition Hall and the second, with the name of “Sala Susano Estrada”, is intended to teach classes and workshops.

House of Art of Sosúa marks a before and after in the artistic development of the community. Every day there are more young people who join the entity, to the point that they currently have more than 200 students who are trained in the various disciplines that are taught, according to Bennalice Katz, executive director of the institution.

He explains that within their school program, which they carry out from Monday to Friday, they teach violin and cello classes, initial and advanced painting, classical and contemporary ballet, while on Saturdays they teach continuous workshops, lasting one month, in the area of literature, poetry, cinema, watercolor, dance, among others.

Although Casa de Arte de Sosúa is today a foundation, it continues to be a project supported 90% by the municipality’s council, through the mayor, Ilana Neumann, and the other 10%, is by management of the directors, as expressed by the artist.

He affirms that the city council has faced this project with responsibility and determination, which is important for the community, and which today is an example in the region, since few local governments have the vision to support initiatives of this type.

Neumann considers that House of Art of Sosúa is a real space at the service of the community, which has become a cultural reference throughout the province of Puerto Plata and the region, since it is intended for the development of artistic skills in different disciplines. .

He states that in five years the cultural entity has achieved positive changes in the city, and that it is an example of how art manages to obtain transformative results in people and the community, by generating opportunities for economic and social development, since, apart from providing the opportunity for local artists to show their talent, has become a point of attraction for tourists.

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