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Holidays Puerto Plata

The cliffs beach, La Puntilla de Pié Giorgio!

The cliffs beach, La Puntilla de Pié Giorgio is the most beautiful cliff beach in Puerto Plata, which surprised the Caribbean and Puerto Plata a few years ago, located near the La Puntilla de Pie Giorgio tourist center, in the municipality of Sosúa.

This population has reacted surprised to what it describes as a new wonder the formation of this beach, where there is a great depth of the sea at the foot of its cliffs.

The astonishment was reaching the ears of many people arriving to visit La Puntilla de Pié Giorgio to learn about the formation of this new beach, where it is located near hotels and very interesting beaches.

According to experts, they revealed that this formation after studies carried out by geologists, which was due to a natural formation process because a huge sandbar had moved towards the shores of that area due to the effect of marine currents.

Another beautiful discovery that shook all the people who know of such places, is Playa Alicia, filling with curiosity, amazement and skepticism since this beach with cliffs happened after several decades of something similar.

There are beautiful beaches in many places and the Dominican Republic has the most attractive, but we rarely have the opportunity to see the creation of a new beach.

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How to get to La Puntilla de Pié Giorgio: